Welcome to META_quant

Introducing META_quant, the world's first 3D liquidity visualization tool! With META_quant, you can analyze and visualize real-time available liquidity on the order book in a fully immersive 3D environment. You can interact with the order book as if you were inside it. 3D WEBGL technology, virtual reality, and javascript provide you with the ability to navigate inside the order book using a 360-degree freedom orbit camera. You can get a cross-section view of the spread and see inside the order book like never before. Join META_quant now and take control of your trading with this innovative and powerful visualization tool.

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The Roadmap


From CEFi to DEFi - Unleashing the Future!

1) Implementing advanced HFT market making algorithms using AI for real-time analysis.

2) Developing a state-of-the-art trading algorithm in Python leveraging machine learning for event detection.

3) Prototyping a 3D interactive order book with Binance API integration.

4) Exploring DEFI protocols, NFTs, and the METAVERSE to innovate new financial products.

5) Mastering Dapp development, NFT minting, cryptocurrency creation, and smart contract deployment.


WEB3, 3D/VR - Pioneering Technological Advancements!

1) Researching emerging technologies such as WEB3, blockchain, and AI.

2) Developing an immersive 3D scene and timeline for hosting the order book.

3) Integrating a 360-degree camera with AI-powered zoom and analysis features.

4) Connecting METAquant with leading exchanges like Binance and decentralized platforms.

5) Visualizing order books as 3D models and enhancing data representation with AI insights.


GAMEFi and METAVERSE - The Future of Trading!

1) Introducing dynamic 3D spheres for trade volumes, scaled with real-time data.

2) Color-coding trade events for enhanced visualization and user interaction.

3) Adding adjustable scaling options for vertical 3D bars in the order book.

4) Allowing users to customize the refresh rate of the 3D order book in real-time.


The Emergence of META_quant!

1) Integrating a BM WEB module with real-time price graphs and 2D order book maps.

2) Adding screenshot and time-stop functions for in-depth analysis and review.

3) Incorporating a side panel displaying cumulative buy/sell trades and volume delta.

4) Customizing 3D map templates for personalized user experiences.

5) Enabling WEB3 authentication via METAMASK for secure and easy access.


Early Access with Exclusive Discounts!

1) Minting access NFTs for METAquant and launching a pre-sale on Opensea.

2) Hosting public sales and creating a TWITCH channel for project updates and live sessions.

3) Conducting NFT airdrops, giveaways, and engaging in social media promotions.

4) Expanding exchange integrations and adding new tradable assets continuously.

5) Introducing data export features and a manual trading module with Binance integration.


Pushing Technical Boundaries!

1) Tracking market making and HFT cluster alerts within the 3D DOM environment.

2) Integrating data feeds and APIs from major centralized and decentralized exchanges.

3) Hosting live sessions with experts in DEFI, AI, and financial markets.

4) Implementing AI-driven automated trading algorithms within METAquant.

5) Establishing a dedicated team of WEB3 developers for premium customer support.


Crafting a Technological Masterpiece!

1) Introducing 3D spatial price lines in an immersive 4D METAquant environment.

2) Adding record and replay features for detailed data tracking in multiple formats.

3) Seamlessly integrating MT5 and other trading platforms for enhanced functionality.

4) Fully integrating advanced trading modules within METAquant for superior trading experiences.

5) Enhancing METAquant with AI-powered HFT alerts and automated trading strategies.


The Ultimate Trading Experience!

1) Integrating primary HFT signals into METAquant for a competitive trading edge.

2) Implementing an HFT Signals TAPE with export options for in-depth analysis.

3) Creating an AI-driven automated trading algorithm based on HFT signals.

4) Conducting backtests and live testing of the algorithm on various platforms.

5) Optimizing HFT signals and forming partnerships with renowned trading entities.


Community, SOCIALFi, and User Experience Enhancement!

1) Implementing a unified data stream for aggregating order book data across exchanges.

2) Integrating METAQuant into a blockchain-powered METAVERSE for unparalleled interactivity.

3) Developing a vibrant METAQuant community through social media and BOOTCAMP events.

4) Offering comprehensive training modules on crypto market microstructure, both online and offline.

5) Hosting international conferences to foster growth and collaboration within the METAQuant ecosystem.

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"Are you tired of constantly going in the wrong direction? Had enough of the market algorithms wiping you out? Sick of your stop losses being hit and broken all the time? Can't seem to wrap your head around the order book, even though it's the beating heart of the market? Well, it's time to level up your trading game! Want to exert some control over the market and optimize your trading costs? Ready to boost your execution alpha? It's time to finally understand what you're doing when you place an order or take a position in the market. Step into the wild and wacky world of META_quant! With this super cool visualization tool, you'll be able to take charge of your trading and figure out once and for all how the order book works. Trust us, it's a trip you won't want to miss!"


META_quant LITE version META_quant MEDIUM versionMETA_quant FULL version
1 Data Feed provided: Bitmex or Binance or Poloniex
2 Orbitals Camera : 3D Front mode and Top mode
3D/4D orderflow Surface Scene + AR/VR features
2 New Data Feeds for US Stocks with Alpaca & Crypto
3 Additionnal Interactive Orbitals Camera
Tape data with HFT Statistics & PowerMetter bar
ALL Data Feed with CME Group Access-real time with Lvl2
ALL Camera features : 10 orbitals mode available
Python Server Bridge V2 with the MT5 link
Binance and MT5 Trading Module integration
Market Making Compass and Measurement + TV API integration
3D Spatial Price Line & Scale and tick size feature
HFT Signals and its own Tape + Export Data Feature in CSV/TXT
Record & Replay Function + Automated Algo with EA MT5

1 Week : 49 €
1 Month : 120 €
1 Year : 900 €
Lifetime : 1499 €
1 Week : 90 €
1 Month : 240 €
1 Year : 1800 €
Lifetime : 2999 €
1 Week : 149 €
1 Month : 399 €
1 Year : 2999 €
Lifetime : 4999 €

Data Feed Fee : zero

Trading Transaction Fee : zero

Hosting Server Fee : zero


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K.M :
A code virtuoso, K.M has worked with prominent global companies, specializing in developing cutting-edge 3D scenes for data reception and processing. He's the guy you wish you'd known sooner—a rare gem.

Kanter :
A computer and programming expert with over 40 years of experience in software development. Kanter is fluent in a wide array of languages including Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, Three.js, React, Vue.js, Babylon, Solidity, and more. Coding is not just his profession; it's his passion. A true diamond in the rough!

Niokoz :
Niokoz is our master of trading algorithms and market microstructure analysis. With a deep expertise in HFT, market making, and trading algorithms, he explores the intricacies of CEFi, DEFi, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, the METAVERSE, and WEB3. Passionate about mathematics, theoretical physics, quantum physics, and metaphysics, Niokoz's mind is continuously blown by the innovations of WEB3. Today, he's laser-focused on AI and remains a creator at heart.

Elfen-Lady :
Elfen-Lady is our powerhouse in administration of marketing campaigns, technical management of dedicated servers, and animation/creation of Web radio. She excels in design, photo and video editing, and launching NFT collections, seamlessly integrating into the WEB3/METAVERSE landscape. With a background in business and management within a global multinational company, Elfen-Lady's hobbies include drawing, design, spirituality, and parapsychology. Versatile, multi-faceted, and multi-layered, she's finally a woman in the DEFI space!



Why should you choose the red pill?

Discover how prices move on financial markets and gain the ability to read and use an order book. With our red pill, experience the market in real-time as if you were on the trading floor. Dive into the META_quant UNIVERSE and navigate through time and space within the DOM matrix. Unveil the naked truth of modern electronic markets!


Can I stop taking the pill whenever I want?

Enjoy the flexibility of our treatment phases. Choose your own treatment duration, whether it's for 1 month, 1 year, or a lifetime. If you're uncertain, consult your doctor in the nearest METAVERSE.


What molecules are in the red pill?

Experience the power of 3D analytical and statistical tools for blockchain and WEB3. Our technology focuses on CEFI, DEFI, cryptocurrency, order book, and tape data. We utilize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Solidity, 3D WebGL, Three.js, React, and Babylon technologies.


Are there any side effects of the blue pills?

Embrace the blue pill with confidence as it has no side effects. It keeps you in your comfort zone, inducing a state of mild sleepiness and willing obedience. Gain the ability to interpret Japanese candlesticks on price charts and quotation tables like a seasoned retail trader.


Are there any side effects of the red pills?

Please be aware of some notable side effects reported by beta testers. The red pill accelerates your brain, taking you to the next gear. It may cause increased mental activity and some heat generation for individuals with weaker bodies. There have also been reports of addiction. Use with moderation.


Can I resell my pills if I've already opened the box?

Absolutely! When you no longer require the pills and prefer the current matrix, you can stop the medical treatment. Simply list your minted NFT pill for sale on OpenSea with just two clicks. Your pill will be available on the secondary NFT market.


How can I access the META_quant after taking the red pill?

Accessing META_quant is easy. After purchasing the red pill, drink a glass of water, and in less than 24 hours, your access will be activated. Use your web browser with the METAMASK extension, enter the META_quant directly through your METAMASK signature. Experience different exchanges and markets in real-time, navigating a 3D/4D map. Interact directly with the market using VR/AR technology. It's a thrilling experience!


If my red pill is updated, can I still enjoy it with my current pill?

With META_quant, updates are seamless. There are no platforms to install, data feeds to connect, or settings to configure. When an update is available, it automatically applies to everyone. Simply connect to META_quant using your internet browser with METAMASK to access all the latest features. Never miss out on system upgrades.


Can anyone take the red pill?

Yes! The red pill is suitable for both men and women of any age. It works on both iOS and Android platforms.


Are there any minimum requirements for taking the red pill?

For optimal performance of META_quant, we recommend a processor speed of at least 2.5GHz/3.5GHz and a RAM of 6 to 12 GB. It's important to run your operating system on an SSD for optimal performance.